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Global Experts in Bio-Containment and Cleanroom Consultancy

Design Development

Partnering our client through detailed design processes to evolve a facility that exactly matches their Operational and Budgetary needs.

Our consultants have gained a solid reputation and have built up extensive, unique experience which will allow them to guarantee any facility they design or review will meet stringent regulatory requirements whilst providing ongoing Operator, Product & Environmental Protection.

Whether building a new facility or looking to improve, upgrade or modify an existing facility aQmen Consultancy LLP can help through every stage of design.

Utilising a risk based approach to facility development, we are able to provide either complete design solutions or carry out peer design reviews to ensure the client's needs are met, minimizing contingency and therefore providing best value for money. We not only refer to the operational risk the facility may experience, but also the commercial risk, the risk to programme and explore future flexibility requirements.

I need a new facility. Where do I start? What do I need?

aQmen supports from idea conception

  • Complete design solutions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost control
  • Risk based analysis
  • Expert technical advice
  • URS development
  • Peer design reviews

How can you be sure aQmen are the best partner?

aQmen have built up extensive engineering expertise and regulatory knowledge from over 50 years working with Bio-Containment Facilities and GMP Cleanroom Environments.

How will you benefit by using aQmen?

Using best practice we will challenge the assumptions, develop and improve designs - providing solutions that:

  • Are regulatory compliant
  • Are capable
  • Meet all Operational Requirements, now and in the future